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About the Royal Wootton Bassett Sports Association

Sport in Royal Wootton Bassett and the surrounding community is popular. So popular in fact that the Sports Association has out-grown the facilities it has owned for the last 80 years in the town, and moved to an all new site on the edge of the town. The move means there are lots more opportunities for everyone to take part and become a member of the Association.

Heritage is all important to us in the Association. In the 1920s Major Gerrard Buxton gifted land to the town for ‘the carrying out of sporting activities by members of the local population’ (or similar quote from GB). For over 80 years, the Association has kept the dream of Major Buxton alive, and the new ground allows us to build on this. We have kept the name of the ground, and the same community value of ‘sport for all’. The new facilities are making a huge impact on sporting and social activity in the town.

Becoming a member

There are two ways to become a member of the Royal Wootton Bassett Sports Association.

Join one of the Clubs which are members of the Sports Association. Details about each club can be found on the ‘Our Clubs’ tab at the top of this page. Each page includes a link to their websites where contact details can be found.

Or you can join the Sports Association as a ‘Social Member’ and enjoy the benefits of using our members’ bar, watching sporting events and being able to enjoy the many events taking place at the new Gerard Buxton Sports Ground. A membership form can be found here.